Bringing on the heat in

Hot Seat Tuesday

with Kel Holliday

This week’s guest:

Andy Prosser

Andy Prosser

Founder & CEO,
The Executive Technologist

Does your tech work for you or is it the other way around?

Find out the truth of the matter if your tech is bringing value to your customers, increasing your turnover, and giving you more time to yourself with Andy Prosser, tech expert and entrepreneur!

Diving into the Hot Seat

What is Hot Seat Tuesday about?

The show is about featuring business-minded individuals who have made the jump into entrepreneurship whether in recent years or a decade ago. Hot Seat Tuesday serves as an avenue for them to share their stories of struggle and success and reach others who can connect with their journey.

The show is broadcast live every Tuesday to members of the TransformHub Facebook and Zoom community, both of which everyone is open to join!

Join us in our Facebook community by subscribing to the TransformHub page, or catch us directly via Zoom using this link:

To whom is the show broadcast?

Who is the show’s ideal guest?

Hot Seat Tuesday caters to guest appearances from anyone who belongs in the following categories:

  1. Business owners who are eager to share their entrepreneurial journey of how they started out and built their brands and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.
  2. Business leaders with a message who are passionate about their WHY and about conveying it to a wider audience in order to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset and motivation.

We personally invite each guest on the show, but if you feel you fit the criteria in the previous answer, get in touch with us by sending an email to

How can I become a guest on Hot Seat Tuesday?

Last but not least, who is Kel Holliday?

Kel is none other than the Head Adventurer of TransformHub. He’s also the three-time bestselling author of the Unleash series.

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