Build Your Remote Team, Build Your Dreams

A Pocket Guide to Business Transformation

“Concise and revelatory. Remote working has ever been more prevalent and Ivy makes it irresistible.”
Build Your Remote Team Build Your Dreams Pocket Guide

As a business owner, how can you build the life of your dreams?

Discover in this point-by-point, no-nonsense guide to the world of remote working
from the fresh perspective of an 11-year veteran:

“Managing remote workers is no easy feat. But it's worth it!”

In this handy pocket guide by remote team guru Ivy Nina Alpuerto-Aldridge,
she lays it all out without beating around the bush—remote working is here and it’s challenging,
but a good start is all you need to make it work.

Discover established norms and anticipate the workplace of the coming years
from Ivy’s decade-long experience.

From cultural barriers to tech tips, she’ll make sure you’re ready
for the rapidly evolving world of remote teams and the life of your dreams.

Sneak a peek!

About Ivy

Ivy first started out as a remote hero based in Cebu City, Philippines, and with her exceptional skills, she was offered to take up the role of client success and event manager in Australia, where she has now been building and discovering a life she loves.

Today she puts her skills and experience of 11 years to the test from executive support and team management to operations and project management as TransformationalHub’s one and only Success Guru.

Ivy continues to explore new things as she always has throughout her career, never afraid to take on challenges outside of her comfort zone. As she writes her next book, this proves to be just the beginning with still more to come and more to look forward to.

If you want to share your thoughts about her book, you can reach out to: ivy@transformhub.com.au

Explore more about remote working here: hireava.com.au/

Build Your Remote Team, Build Your Dreams
A Pocket Guide to Business Transformation