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Value Transform Accelerate VIP
Transform Rewards package
All event access (online and live) for local events
25% discount on all organised annual events (online and live)
NEI & Bconnected membership
All access toTransformational Hub courses
CRM-HUB full access
1 x website with email hosting (Includes migration of up to 5 emails)
15% discount on all Transformational Hub services
Up to $2,500
Onboarding to all Transformational Hub platforms
Up to $250
Unlimited SMS and VoIP phone service
Accelerate concierge service for up to 3 websites 8 hrs/week
Early bird rate to VACon Cebu 2022
VIP Cocktail party access in VACon Cebu 2022
1-year BBX Trade Exchange membership
1-year Bx Networking membership
Quarterly Strategy session with Kel Holliday
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Additional inclusions for upfront annual payments
Water bottle and cup set
Phone charger
(Save up to $2599)
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Unleash Network is a premier networking community of like-minded business leaders and individuals who take charge of their time and freedom. Here the fastest-growing networks in the world share a space to discuss innovative ideas, exchange stories, foster connections, and support one another as a community while making a positive and lasting impact in various industries and the world at large.

Become part of the supercommunity and master the entrepreneurial art of unlocking personal freedom through business with the world’s experts.

unleash membership seek


Seek connections with the best in the game and meet peers with similar journeys as you. Be inducted into our exclusive circle of thought leaders and the world’s innovators. You will be introduced to an extended professional network and gain access to a fast-growing knowledge base. Pretty soon you’ll be at the top of your game too.

unleash membership share


Share what you know, and we’ll exchange what we know for it. The network you build in Unleash lets you dive in depth into specific topics of interest and engage with an audience of broader perspectives. As an active member, you will have regular access to the insight and narratives currently shaping local and international industries. You will also be able to identify common goals within your network, receive and give support with every obstacle, and develop solutions benefiting the community.

unleash membership succeed


Succeed in achieving your goals with the guidance and encouragement of the Unleash community. Whatever your goals may be, we provide you with an environment that positions your business for growth and you for personal freedom. We don’t want to show you the way—you already see it. Instead we want to help you lead the way.

It’s a supercommunity for a reason.

Connect with top experts from a melting pot of business communities


Bring yourself and we’ll bring the rest

From Bx Networking’s famous fortnightly events to annual UnleashCon, you will have
special priority access to any and all events organised by Unleash Network

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