Accelerate Your Productivity:

The 3 Critical Considerations for Hiring Remote Teams

with Kelvin Holliday

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Are you struggling to sustain a high level of productivity?

Productivity is one of the biggest buzz words in the business world, and it’s not hard to figure out why—high productivity is one of the components of a successful business.

But is the productivity in your business consistent?

You could have a good, effective level of productivity but if you want to scale your business and reap more profit, you need to have it at a consistent level that you are able to actually accelerate.

However, it’s sad to say that most businesses adopt a “crack the whip” approach rather than address the source of their productivity problems. Instead of giving their team the tools they need to work more efficiently, they add pressure to perform and produce more results.

But more results do NOT mean higher productivity. Your productivity might increase temporarily, but in the long term it will just lead your team to frustration, stress, and demoralisation.

In other words, forcing productivity is, well, not very productive.

So, how can you boost productivity without adding unnecessary strain to your business?

My name’s Kel Holliday,

and I’m the creator of time and freedom

I have been in business for over 15 years, discovering the high-pressure traps many business leaders fall in. Since founding Transformational Group, I’ve been helping hundreds of businesses escape AND avoid those traps by helping them transform their people into remote teams, increase profits, scale the company, and unlock an effective, sustainable culture of productivity.

You can finally say goodbye to that demotivating cycle of hire, grow, stagnate, hire, grow, stagnate, hire.

In this exclusive webinar, I will take you through the most critical considerations in creating the remote team that will accelerate your productivity and bring your business closer to success FASTER, but without shooting yourself in the foot.

These three things have been proven to be a perfect all-kill guide for speeding up my clientele’s business growth and productivity by up to 400% and reducing their overhead by as much as 45%

So who is this for?

If this sounds familiar to you:

  • Your team is having trouble meeting deadlines
  • You are stressed and feel like there’s always too much to do
  • You are putting aside long-term goals and barely getting through day-to-day stuff
  • Your team is either frazzled or demotivated
  • You have increasing staff turnover rates
  • You are struggling to grow your business

Then instead of the words “no pain, no gain”, “all pain, no gain” comes to mind instead, especially if you found yourself in more than two of the above statements.

You have invested in learning about your business and craft and you have the numbers and clientele as proof of that. BUT it’s just that one thing that might be the missing puzzle piece preventing you from achieving the bigger picture in your mind.

And that one thing might just be your very own remote team.

To accelerate your productivity, you have to transform it first.

There’s more to productivity than just putting out more results. Productivity is in the systems that create the foundations which optimise your business’s results.

In other words, productivity is not more results. It’s better and the best results!

Additionally, the whole world has turned remote one way or another, so it’s become even more important to understand how to do it right.

You see, it’s not about whether or not you have remote teams either. It’s about getting the right people to be part of the right remote team for you.

As a business with limited time and resources, you need a team that rows the boat forward rather than just frantically keep it from sinking in place.

Why remote teams?

The thing about remote teams is that although the idea might sound daunting, you might actually have had a peek of what it’s like in your very own business. How? Well maybe you’ve hired someone based in another country as your accountant, or dealt with a supplier ‘remotely’ outside of the office.

Building your very own team that is remote-based doesn’t just cut your costs and make your business more easily scalable, it also actually opens you up to a broader quality of talent that is out there beyond your locality—the global talent pool. A more highly qualified team means you are able to become more productive more consistently and speed towards growth.

Additionally, the whole world has turned remote one way or another, so it’s become even more important to understand how to do it right.

This can be a challenging process that requires some trial and error.

But what if I told you that you can reduce that trial and error by learning about the top 3 most important things when hiring remote teams?

In this webinar, you’ll discover…

This webinar will take what you’re achieving with remote teams to the next level and you’ll learn:

  • How to keep the risk for your business to a minimum
  • A proven checklist perfected by years of experience building my own remote team and those of hundreds of other business owners
  • How to achieve high but sustainable levels of productivity
  • The best ways to accelerate productivity at the system level

By the end of the webinar, I’m 100% sure any confusion you had about remote team recruitment will be cleared out and you will discover a clear and effective framework for accelerating your productivity.

Accelerate your productivity like they did

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