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We are a state-of-the-art centre for developing networks and business contacts. We provide events, a location, and support services for businesses to gather and to build and develop their dream business.

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Empowering People

The most valuable resource in any organisation is its people. Ensuring they have the right knowledge, skills, and resilience address and survive challenges.

Accelerate Productivity

In order to accelerate productivity, you must have the right tools for your workforce and efficient systems in place.

Transforming Future

The most valuable resource in any organisation is its people. Ensuring they have the right knowledge, skills, and resilience address and survive challenges.

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When everything comes together at the same time— when you’ve achieved efficiency, clarity and sustainability, you’re in a perfect position to take your business to the next level and reach your goals.


Why Grow

Clear Strategy

Having a clear strategy empowers your staff to handle difficulties, without clarity the result is frustration and stress. Operations may become chaotic, and getting anything done is hard.

Effective System

Tolerating ineffective systems inevitably results in a workforce that’s not well trained or empowered. Work may become fragmented and efforts begin to implode, wasting time, resources, and ending in losses.


What’s the Solution?

Healthy Culture

Only a healthy culture and the tools employees need, to achieve cultural health provide real inoculation against loss of productivity. The hiring of new staff can now be beneficial as their induction has a foundation of optimism and positive expectations for the future. All of these elements combined enhance staff retention and through that overall productivity.


Success Stories

"Ten years ago, I remember the fear and anxiety of the unknown business world and the challenge I was about to face and without Kel and later on his transformational team, all may have gone pear shaped. I now have a business with a great partner and employ 21 trade and admin staff. At times we still have our challenges, I can always rely on Transformational Group to support us with strategy, training and finding government funding.​"
Darren Threadgate
"Coming straight out of the trade, I was learning a lot about business, which is what I really needed to know at the time. Since then, Transformational Group has helped guide me in the right direction, and I have since taken my business from a two employee sole trader to a fourteen employee strong company. I’m now off the tools and earning over double what I was before.
Sean Hearsee
"It has been three years now since I enrolled, and I have gained three qualifications (all fully accredited certificates) and so much knowledge, that I am now full-time employed as a very confident and self-assured training manager. I highly recommend contacting Transformational and gaining your qualifications through some of the many courses they have available."
Donna Mackie


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