Most frequent asked questions and answers

Transform hub offers an array of services. One main service is a General Virtual Assistant which can do administrative tasks depending on your business needs. Your business will be assessed through a phone call to figure out what kind of support it requires. From Social Media Management, Specialist, Graphic Design, Web Development, Etc.

Service cost depends on the package chosen. There are customizable options to choose from. Talk to us to learn more.

As a business owner, you should use your time focusing on the bigger picture in building the business. Doing so, there are small tasks that need specific attention. Circulating from all the routine tasks is really challenging and that’s where outsourcing comes in handy.

Transform hub will provide a dedicated person to work for you. It could be one outsourced employee or more. This depends on how much work your business requires.

Absolutely! You can hire one employee for the mean time and when your business grows, you can add an additional employee to make sure all the work that is needed for your growing business will be covered and attended right away.

You will be part of the hiring process.

This would be less likely to happen as we have a management system that provides help if they’re struggling completing a task, and supervision according to what works well with the employee(s). However, if this happens, we go through a process before finally deciding to swap or dismiss the dedicated employee.