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Learn the best strategies to claim success with your grants and tenders!

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Join me on 14th of July in Nhulunbuy NT!

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If you are a business owner who is…

Then you won’t want to pass this up! This grants and tenders workshop may be the sign you’ve been looking for!

Join me on the 14th of July, 9:00 am-1:00 pm ACST!
LIVE at Nhulunbuy Rotary House

With interim morning break and light lunch for FREE!
PLUS an exclusive one-on-one consultation
opportunity with me after the event!

It’s about time for you to succeed!

Heya, Kelvin Holliday here.

I’m a productivity systems expert, founder and CEO of Transformational Group, and three-times bestselling author. You could say I know a thing or two about what makes success tick, especially when it comes to grabbing golden opportunities that help business owners on their path to growth.

At the same time, I also know how difficult it can be to deliver the impact you’ve committed yourself to making. It can be a painful process. But that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m taking this chance to help YOU.

It’s not all been success for me—that’s something most business owners have in common. But the moments of failure I’ve witnessed highlighted the workings of success whenever success did come. And when it did, you can be sure it made every struggle leading up to it pretty worthwhile! What I want for YOU in this seminar is to be able to leverage those workings yourself whenever you aim for grants and tenders, and claim success for yourself!

What makes this workshop different?

I’ve spoken on many varieties around the topics of productivity, business growth and scaling, etc. but this will be one of the rarer instances where I will be tackling the very specific and narrower (although still quite challenging!) subject of successful grant/tender application. So here is a peek at what we will be covering:

All attendees will also get a fair shot at getting one-on-one and personal advice from me, so stick around!

PLUS, you can score these value-added FREE GIFTS
exclusive at the event!

Build Your Remote Team Build Your Dreams Pocket Guide


Building a Remote Team to Build Your Dreams: A Pocket Guide to Business Transformation

By Ivy Aldridge

In this handy pocket guide by remote team guru Ivy Aldridge, she lays it all out without beating around the bush—remote working is here and it’s challenging, but a good start is all you need to make it work. Discover established norms and anticipate the workplace of the coming years from the perspective of Ivy’s decade-long experience. From cultural barriers to tech tips, she’ll make sure you’re ready for the rapidly evolving world of remote teams.


The All-in-One VA Tasklist: 100 Tasks to Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant

The All-in-One VA Tasklist is just like it’s called—an ultimate list of the most outsourceable tasks for your remote heroes! The checklist is sectioned conveniently by each task’s purpose, such as communication and time management, data and file management, general marketing, CRM management, and many others! You can even mark a task according to whether it’s already being outsourced, will continue being outsourced, or will be outsourced soon!

brand builder


Brand Builder

We don’t always talk about branding, but sometimes it can be as simple as this checklist we put together! As long as you know what rules you need to follow to keep the essence of your brand, this checklist will guide you along nicely.


Discover, Populate & Develop your Essential Blog Messages

Do you manage a blog to market your business? Content is king, but are you doing it effectively or consistently? Our little guide ebook details the three most important steps in producing blog content that captures your brand and your audience right!



7 Ways to Accelerate the Wealth Cycle

As a leader in my business, whenever I find myself in a slump or lose clarity, I always go back to Winston Churchill’s iconic words: “You give me the tools and I will finish the job.” Under the most important principles of tools and planning, this ebook covers how you can boost the cycle of achieving your goals.

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