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Introducing the Money Matters Masterclass Series,
our newest program for business owners to unleash their awesome!

The Money Matters Masterclass Series is an all-new series of webinar master classes hosted every week where we feature a team of experts who deliver interactive sessions centered around wealth creation and literacy.

Wealth literacy?

That’s right! We all know about financial literacy, and for years we at TransformHub have created and developed business solutions to help you gain more freedom, including financially.

BUT! If you want to transform your life by transforming your business profit, it’s crucial to not just know about creating wealth, but to discover what wealth actually means to YOU and learn how to actively build that wealth from the people who have done it successfully themselves!

Every week we will be conducting a masterclass led by a wealth guru we’ve invited to take you along that path to financial liberty with the clarity and confidence of veterans. These are professionals who have been in the game for decades combined, mastering their own wealth and making innovations in the wealth industry from essential money management to cryptocurrency.

With every Money Matters Masterclass, you can finally break out of financial stagnation and elevate profit into wealth!

Are you ready to make your money matter?

Meet Your Money Matters Mentors

Jackson Millan

Jackson Millan

The Wealth Mentor

The 7 Secrets Of Wealth As A Business Owner
27 April session

Jackson Millan is a master of over 14 years in helping business owners turn their profit into personal wealth, and has come to be known as ‘The Wealth Mentor.’

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Jackson designed ‘The Lifestyle Business Blueprint’ and crafted his own ‘Values Based Advice’ model, shaking up the wealth industry and helping to shift financial control back into the hands of hundreds of his clients.

Marisa Punshon

Growth and Finance Guru

Learn How to Master the Foundations to Build Your Wealth
4 May session

Over the last decade, Marisa Punshon has helped hundreds of business owners unlock financial freedom by increasing their cash flow and scaling profits, bringing clarity, confidence, and control to their finances.

Using her unique set of professional qualifications in accounting and life coaching, this financial guru guides entrepreneurs to live not just a profitable life, but also a fulfilling one.

Wassim Dabboussi & Michael Hazilias

Serial Entrepreneur & Breakout Solutions Co-Founder

The Protective Power of Cryptocurrency
11 May session

Living by his personal mantra, “You will never ever go broke investing in yourself,” Wassim Dabboussi is an entrepreneur of 17 years and the number one salesperson for many businesses.

Michael Hazilias strives for his vision where people reach a level of financial freedom that lets them live the most out of life and deliver their biggest impact on the world.

As avid believers in personal growth and investment, Wassim and Michael empower the everyday person to protect their financial freedom in today’s modern world of uncertainties.

Zak Obaid

Grant & Business Continuity Guru

How to Prepare for Successful Tenders & Grants Applications
18 May session

Zak Obaid is Director of Win Any Tender and an established expert in business continuity and development.

His mastery in negotiation and in leveraging business resources have been instrumental in helping many brands achieve their long-standing targets and has made him a leader in guiding business owners towards proposing business grants and tenders that bring success.

kelvin holliday

Kelvin Holliday

Productivity & Business Networking Expert

Time and Freedom Business Automations
25 May session

Kel started out over 15 years ago with his first construction business and has since gone on to build multiple companies that produced eight-figure revenues. Ultimately he founded Transformational Group with the vision of empowering people to achieve their dreams and transform their lives through business.

The Money Matters Masterclass was created by Kel as his latest endeavour to fulfill his mission of helping business owners unleash their awesome.

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