30 Days of Christmas:

30 Days of FREE GIFTS!

🎵 On the first day of Christmas, TransformHub gave to me… 🎵

30 Days of Christmas is an end-of-year campaign for the TransformHub community where we send a gift every day for the month of December to our members’ inbox!

Sadly, we haven’t got a partridge in a pear tree for you, but we do have some pretty cool stuff you can use to unleash your awesome!

Day 1

all in one va task list

The All-in-One VA Tasklist

Day 2

5 Mindsets of Great Leaders

Day 3

5 Tech Tools to Get Right

Day 4

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Steve Brossman

Day 5

3 Critical Considerations for Hiring Remote Teams

Day 6

The Importance of a Brief

Day 7

Team Effectiveness Diagnostic Tool

Day 8

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Matt Alderton

Day 9

Decision Making on a Daily Basis

Day 10

How to Build Systems

Day 11

Assessing Your Team Leadership Strengths

Day 12

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Tim Hyde

Day 13

How to Give Effective Feedback

Day 14

7 Ways to Accelerate the Wealth Cycle

Day 15

Make Decisions in a Healthier Way

Day 16

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Michael Griffiths

Day 17

Six Ways to Motivate Your Team

Day 18

Your Essential Blog Messages

Day 19

Brand Builder

Day 20

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Scott Trevethan

Day 21

Organisational Health Report

Day 22

Risk Assessment Management Plan

Day 23

Organisational Risks Management Plan

Day 24

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Alan Stevens

Day 25

Unleash Your Dreams

Day 26

One Page Strategic Plan Template

Day 27

Financial Cash Flow Planner

Day 28

Hot Seat Tuesday w/ Pip Scott-Allen

Day 29

Business Plan Template

Day 30

Change Management Plan

Want more?

We’ve got more in store for you beyond 30 Days of Christmas…

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